Conferences & Seminars

The Association has organised many conferences, symposiums and seminars since it was founded in 1950.

They are one of the most important ways in which research into Scottish Catholic history can be explored between academics, researchers and all those interested.

Conference 2019

The Rise and Decline (?) of Anti-Catholism in Scotland

The Scottish Catholic Historical Association, the St Andrews foundation for Catholic Teacher Education, and the Scottish Affairs journal held a symposium at the University of Glasgow on the afternoon of Saturday 18 May 2019.

Two speakers, Professor Emeritus Sir Tom Devine (History, Classics and Archaeology, Edinburgh) and Dr Michael Rosie (Sociology, Edinburgh) addressed the topic ‘The Rise and Decline (?) of Anti-Catholicism in Scotland from the Reformation to the Present Day’, which was followed by a discussion of this paper by Dr Martin Mitchell (tutor and lecturer at the University of Strathclyde), and Dr Géraldine Vaughan (Lecturer at the University of Rouen).

Conferences & Seminars SCHA
Over the years, the Association has made an immense contribution to historical research in Scotland through the annual conference.
Many of the papers presented are published in the Innes Review. Past conferences are listed here.
Seminars SCHA

Previous Conferences

2018: The Catholic Education Act 1918 – 100th Anniversary (Glasgow)

2017: Marco Grimani, Papal Legate to Scotland (Edinburgh)

2016: Scottish Catholic Architecture and Material Culture (Edinburgh)

2015: John Ogilvie SJ and the Jesuit Legacy in Scotland (Glasgow)

2012: Thomas Innes (1662-1744) – His World and His Legacy (Glasgow)

2011: ‘Achievements and Challenges’ – Celebrating 60 years of Scottish Catholic History and the Innes Review (Edinburgh)

2010: Liturgy and the Nation (Glasgow)

2009: Diaspora (Edinburgh)

2008: Glasgow: A story worth telling (Glasgow)

2007: ‘The Stuart Dynasty’ – Marking the 200th Anniversary of the death of Prince Henry Benedict, Cardinal Duke of York (Edinburgh)


Seminars are held during the course of the year in Edinburgh and Glasgow. Usually weekday evenings, in conjunction with groups based in Glasgow and Edinburgh Universities.

Further details of the programme will be available in the future.

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